How at home are you in your body?

If you're not experiencing joy, passion, and a deep sense of purpose regularly...

If you feel disconnected from others, afraid to be vulnerable, and dissatisfied with your relationships....

If you've been struggling with sleep, weight regulation, gut health, and energy levels...

You may be stuck in a story that is no longer serving you.

In our society, it's become such a common experience to lack safety in our body that it can be hard to even identify.

I didn't even realize how stuck in fear I was until I became liberated from it. It then became clear how many ways my freedom and empowerment was being suppressed.

The biggest manifestations I see of this lack of safety are:

  • anxiety
  • emotional reactivity
  • overwhelm
  • avoidance
  • dissociation

So many people don't feel safe or at home

in their bodies.

Which means they don't feel safe or at home...

in their relationships

taking bigger risks

standing up for themselves and setting boundaries

being truly vulnerability

living in their fullest authentic expression

Our bodies are our compass, guiding our thoughts, actions, and perceptions- whether we're aware of it or not.

The story of our body shapes our reality.

Are you living in a story of fear or freedom?

This Course is For Anyone Who Wants to...

  • Feel ALIVE again- free from numbness, free to be playful, free to take risks, free to enjoy life

  • Cultivate profound self love- rooted in self awareness, acceptance, humility, and confidence

  • Build resilience- to find pleasure and safety in times of stress, conflict, discomfort, and turbulence

  • Become the best version of themselves- embodying their values, showing the f*!# up in their relationships, going after their dreams, and prioritizing their well-being

It may be time to stop trying to think your way to healing.

If you're ready for change, it will require changing your approach.

Feeling stuck in the pain of not feeling safe in your body may be a sign to look at your nervous system.

How long has your nervous system been screaming to be heard, causing mayhem and confusion in your life after years of being ignored?

I've got good news though- your body was built to heal.

This course is a journey of reconnecting to the ancient technology of movement, dance, and informed awareness.

Getting out of the head and into the body while prioritizing pleasure allows us to stop getting in the way of our innate ability to heal.

It allows us to uncover the importance of being in touch with our nervous system, and begin changing our relationship to it.

You will learn how to listen to the story of your body with loving compassion and grace, leading to a self awareness that grows your capacity to be present, unravel your wounds, put down the overwhelm, and fully live.

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Hi, I'm Regan Powers

I'm a trauma informed embodiment and intuitive movement coach who helps others create space for the unique wisdom of the body to facilitate deep transformation in 1:1 and small group containers.

I am also a professional performing artist, working with the intersection of authentic, body based emotional expression and the ritual of telling stories and sharing mythos.

While I always wanted to be a dancer growing up, I have no formal training. I lived most of my life thinking it wasn't for me, while feeling in my bones I was meant to dance.

I became a professional dancer by beginning to obsessively teach myself through exploration, research, and play at the age of 18.

Through this process, I found the magic of open ended structures that lead to growth without holding back freedom. I whole heartedly believe that dance and movement is medicine that can transform the lives of anyone.

My deepest passion and purpose in this world is to work with embodied movement as a tool to liberate and empower the potential within each of us. I believe that the process of reconnecting to our inner truth is a key piece in any healing journey, allowing us to show up more fully in our experiences, connecting us to ourselves, others, and the earth in profound ways.

Why Intuitive Movement?

There's endless types of movement and mindfulness practices you can do, and all have amazing benefits.

But none of these are guaranteed to help bring safety back into your body so you can thrive.

I tried yoga, and injured myself multiple times, too proud to listen to my body telling me to do a modified version. 
I tried seated meditation, and found the racing thoughts in my head too much to cut through.
I tried traditional dance classes, and more often than not found myself in tears with the frustration of learning choreography. 
I tried weightlifting, and found the "no pain no gain" mentality encouraging dissociation from my authentic reality.

Intuitive movement and dance is different, because the focus isn't to grow muscles, learn specific poses, and get really good at looking a specific way.

It goes far beyond being an exercise program. This type of work can completely shift the trajectory of your healing- without hours of talk therapy, tons of self help books, or major lifestyle changes.

The best part is that this is true even if you have no prior experience dancing, think you have two left feet, or have told yourself "I'm not a dancer" your whole life.

The power of intuitive movement lives in the way it helps create safety to be in the body again, through encouraging a unique blend of...


Which creates a playful approach to really FEELING what's going on in your body, invites subconscious patterns to the surface to be examined and moved through, and empowers you to be responding with choice rather than reacting in fear.

Not only does this build a strong practice that stands on it's own- it also creates a framework for viewing all other practices through, so you can engage with weightlifting, yoga, running, etc., in a way that aligns you with it's benefits more than it's shadows!

About This Course

Many self-help courses are super heady, with a lot of information being fire-hosed at you. It's then up to you to take all of this information, and figure out how to turn it into practical action, and make major changes in your life. This is what I call a top-down approach.

Instead, this course takes a bottom-up approach. You'll be handed all of the tools you need to build the practice that will open you up to gaining wisdom through experience.

This means that the lessons each week will not be hours of lecturing, they'll be play and exploration based movement practices, laced with guidance to target specific conceptual understanding.

You won't be taking my word for anything, you'll be able to feel the impact first hand and gain embodied awareness of the lesson being taught, and supportive new theories can from these new lived experiences.


2 hours each week, utilising a mixture of workshops, lectures, discussion, integration, and experiential learning.

(more info on this below)


Movement meditations, exercises, prompts, and additional resources to help you establish your practice between sessions.

(group dance party)
Every other Thursday at 5:30pm (PST) we will meet for an hour of structured open-ended movement exploration.

The final week, you will have the opportunity to share a piece of your body's story in the safety of the container we've been creating over the course of 12 weeks.


You will have 6 months after our final week to book a free 1:1 coaching call with Regan, to ensure that the work continues to integrate into your life when the structure of weekly calls is over.

**Beginning Tues, Aug 29th**

When Will the Calls Be?

There will be a live, 2 hour call every Tuesday from 5:30-7:30pm (pst).

To help make this course accessible to more people, there will also be
one additional live call each week

This call will be the SAME content as the live Tuesday call for anyone who has scheduling conflicts with that day.

The timing of this additional weeknight call will be finalized closer to the start date, based on input from those that are unable to make the set live calls.

You are invited to show up to either (or both!) of these calls, based on your scheduling needs each week.

Do I need to be able to make the live calls?


A recording of the live call and ecstatic dance will also be posted each week, and will be available to you for LIFE!
(the last week of October will not have a call on Tuesday the 31st! This call will be on Monday the 30th instead. )

Hands On Learning

This isn't the type of course where you'll be talked at for 12 weeks straight. Every week includes a blend of learning styles and hands-on, interactive experiences.

Support at Every Step

With plenty of space for questions and clarity in each weekly meet up, a free 1:1 session with Regan, and an online community that wants to see you succeed- you'll never be alone in this journey.

Safety First

This program is built on trauma informed facilitation principles, putting the power in your hands to go at your own pace and prioritize feeling safe in your own body.

12 Weeks of 2 Hour Sessions - $2,222 value

6 Structured Ecstatic Dance Experiences - $150 value

1:1 Coaching session - $200 value

AND- if you're one of the first 5 participants to sign up, you'll receive 2 additional 1:1 coaching calls
to use at any point during the course, or up to 6 months after

Since this is the pilot program of this specific course, I am offering it for the special rate of $888!


Pay in full up front to receive a discount of $111

This course begins Tues, Aug. 29th and ends Nov 14th

Ecstatic Dances are every other week, starting Thurs, Aug 31st

Please note that Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, so our call that week will be on Monday the 30th instead

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Who can take this course? Is this course for me?

ALL genders, orientations, skill levels, abilities, sizes, and sexualities are welcome. There is NO prior experience needed. All bodies are welcome, and all material is designed to meet you exactly where you're at in your journey. If you have zero experience moving and dancing, this will help you build from ground zero. If you are a professional dancer, this will help you unravel any limiting beliefs or unsupportive mindsets that may be keeping you from the full potential and joy of dance. If you're somewhere in-between, this course will help point you in the most supportive direction to keep growing.

What if I can’t make the live calls or ecstatic dances?

No problem! You will have access to all of the recorded calls the within 48 hours. These recordings will be available for life!

What is Thursday’s class like? 

An ecstatic dance dance is a judgement free space to gather in community and dance together. These calls will have a loose structure and some guidance on mindset and focus, but they will be completely open ended opportunities to explore movement with the rest of the cohort.

Is this in-person or online?

All material in this course is online, through Zoom or the Teachable platform.