When was the last time you felt fully at home in your body?

do you...

  • love connecting to music or going to shows, but feel like you're just pretending to know how to dance or feel paralyzed with self-consciousness?
  • think you've already missed your opportunity to learn how to dance, and now it's too late to start?
  • get intimidated or frustrated with traditional technique or choreography based dance classes?
  • want to discover your own unique voice in movement, not learn how to dance like someone else?
  • want to explore movement that feels good and supports your healing journey, rather than just looking cool?

How Are Your Practicing Becoming the Person You Want to Become?

The Empowerment Method provides the tools you need to build a practice of embodying your best self.

With play, exploration, and self inquiry at the heart of every course, movement becomes the vessel for uncovering limiting beliefs, healing old wounds and traumas, building confidence, improving emotional intelligence, discovering your boundaries, and telling your story.

Embodiment isn't about learning dance moves.

It's about learning from the wisdom of your body so that you can be a better leader, avoid burnout and reduce stress, act from your heart, be in earnest alignment with your values.

Bonus points: you get to have fun and become a confident, sexy dancer while you're at it.


In a world that encourages disconnecting, dissociating, and distracting- one of the most powerful things you can do is tune in, listen, sit with, and be present.


The body is a holding ground for unprocessed pain, emotions, grief, trauma, and wounds. Movement is an ancient practice of remembering the medicine and wisdom your body also holds.


Forge new ways of being, discover new pathways, rewrite the story. You get to decide what your narrative is. Physically break through previous barriers and comfort zones into your fullest potential.

Hi, I’m Regan Powers

(aka Miss Powers)

I'm an embodiment coach, specializing in helping people connect to their potential and authenticity through movement and dance within 1:1 mentorship and small group containers.

For the better part of a decade, I've been a performing artist, specializing in storytelling through dance, immersive ritual theater experiences, burlesque, and circus arts.

Dancing and movement called to me strongly from a young age, but as someone who rebelled against structure I have no formal training. I lived most of my life thinking it wasn't for me, while feeling in my bones I was meant to dance.

I became a professional dancer by beginning to obsessively teach myself through exploration, research, and play at the age of 18.

Through this process, I found a passion for embodiment, trauma informed facilitation, authentic expression, experiential learning, and awakening the primal instinct of dance inherent to each of us as humans.

Finding the open ended structures that lead to growth without holding back freedom has become my life's mission, and I whole heartedly believe that dance and movement is medicine that can transform the lives of anyone.